Advancing the Modern Organisation’s Hierarchy of Needs

I wrote a post a while ago on this subject and by all accounts it has been extremely popular. Just look at some of the social media stats and shares below. Original post here: The Modern Organisation’s Hierarchy of Needs

So I thought considering it has resonated so much and such little thought went into it originally, that it was worth taking further. I created a survey with three simple questions. I’ve added the original diagram below for reference and the post linked to above has the explainers. I believe I left some considerations out and have asked about those in one of the survey questions. Mostly this is about getting feedback from others on how it could be improved. At a next stage, depending on further feedback, I might consider incorporating some ways of measuring an organisation’s current levels (of delivering on each level of need) and how to help them advance within and through each. Or perhaps there is some other aspect to consider. I would really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to fill out the survey and you can also add an open comment to this post. I’ll share results in a subsequent post.

modern organisation hierarchy of needs

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