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How to make your activities pop in Microsoft Teams 💥

I’m often asked by customers how they can make things stand out in their Teams activities. It’s often when things have taken off on Teams in their organisation and activities starts to explode. Standing out when things are quiet is easy, when there is a flood of information and messaging, not so much. So I’ve put this simple little post together to show how I and others who are good at it, try make things stand out.

I might add to this over time if I find other good ways. If you read this and have a good approach, I’d love to hear about it in a comment or message me.

If you are new to Microsoft Teams, here is some general intro content for you (videos and how to guides).

Art of the Emoji 📢 📳 📡

I do love a good Emoji. They can be overused though. Here is an example of using Emoji in the Teams channel name.

When you have a lot of channels this will make it stand out. Use too many and it will lose impact. Instructions here.

Orienting your users 🧭

If you want a Team or even a Channel to stand out and work effectively, you can us Emoji again but more importantly, the wiki function and a page to orient users. When users land in the Team or Channel, this will grab their attention.

In the page, make clear the purpose of the Team (if used in the General Channel) or the Channel. Instructions in image.

Communicating with intent 🎯

Communicating well, with intent, is no different regardless of the medium you use. I’ve written about this before: How to communicate and get what you need from decision makers.

On Microsoft Teams you can use similar principles. The image with annotations should speak for itself.

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