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New Sketch Block for WordPress

pink and white brick wall

This comes in the form of a plugin which you can find here. This post is just for testing. If you follow any posts on this site you’ll know I’m a fan of sketching with my DanelDoodle‘s. So here we go.

So that’s a first view of the Sketch block in action above. All in all works well but here are the challenges I see which I will share with the developers in that plugin page:

  1. I cannot draw on my iPad or iPhone where I do most of my drawing because the block doesn’t work there. Good thing I have a touch screen on my PC or I would be screwed
  2. I cannot rely on my drawing tool of choice, the Apple pencil so finger has to do, mostly. I then found an old dumb stylus that does work but my finger is still better.
  3. When you use undo or redo, it applies to the whole drawing, not just the last action – that’s a great pity.
  4. When you do use it for just writing something, it actually works pretty well – see below. What’s also really cool is that the block has a transparent background so it can be layered on top of any container block, like groups or background images to achieve different effects as you see below.
  5. Another issue I cannot seem to resolve is that when in edit mode the canvas fits into the page all fine but when published, it gets cut off on the right and the alignment option for the block doesn’t solve it.

Here is what the main functions of the block look like – I have the brush options open and I’m hovering over the color options which expands into the standard pallet of options.

I fully expect that this will evolve and be developed further and so hopefully some of the limitations I pointed out will be addressed. For now I think this is super cool and am going to look to see how I can use it further.

One thought on “New Sketch Block for WordPress

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