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When all about you are losing their heads

It seems as if the world is going mad (or I’m just reading too much news). Twit billionaires buying companies on a whim and then seemingly and wilfully destroying them and still they are held up as leaders. Prime Ministers tanking the entire economy of the UK, in an own goal, yet still the party is peddling its policies under new leadership. Irrational exuberance making a triumphant return after the dot com bust, this time in Crypto, yet the VC’s behind it now thinking they can simply flip a switch and become suers. And don’t even get me started on tin-pot dictators and failed past presidents thinking they still have a future.

Not to make this post a rant 😏

Actually, it’s a post about positive perspective.

It comes with a DanelDoodle because nothing makes the point better than one.

A nice way to get the right perspective is to think about our chances of even being here – nicely explained here.

Consider the sheer improbability of your existence and then the madness may recede just a little and your glorious, glittering presence and being may come into focus.

The way to see how beautiful life is and ignore its maddening eccentricities as well as atrocities, is to see it from the vantage point of space. When we zoom out, we gain distance and perspective. We see everyday activities as minute-level machinations and finite in their effect and impact. They will not last as the universe has for billions of years past and hence.

More importantly, we appreciate the vastness and emptiness of space and the fact that we are here is like a miracle of existence. The only sane reaction to is to glitter in response

At least this works for me and maybe it does for you too.

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