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Customer Success

Customer success teams are a major focus of my mentoring efforts. The operating context is how they form the basis for creating great customer experiences and driving the subscription economy. I write lots of blog posts on the subject.

I break down customer success team efforts into three main areas. This is a practical approach that aligns with the steps you would need to follow to develop and sustain a success team in your organisation. I mentor around these three areas.


Good customer success practice starts with the right mindset and culture. Then tackle these foundational building blocks to expand and scale your practice:
– Methodology
– Data, Metrics and Tech
– Practice and Leadership


Experiences vary by customer and evolve and subscription models can be constantly tweaked as the data provides feedback and evidence of what works and doesn’t.
– Segmenting Customers
– Scaling the Team
– Scaling the Customer


Seek to innovate how you deliver great experiences and value to customers. Reinvent how you apply technology and new business models constantly.
– Automation and AI
– As a Service
– SaaS 2.0

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