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digital marketing innovation framework
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Having studied marketing for many years (my foundational degree and a Masters where both in Marketing), starting my career in advertising and after several marketing roles, I’m pretty au fait with the core concepts.

I recently spent some time at a marketing technology startup (Percolate) which has brought me up to speed on latest practices.

Before starting at Percolate (and even before that) I wrote about my views on how modern marketing functions (the diagram above is covered in depth in the post): Digital Marketing Innovation Framework. I see no reason, after my experience at Percolate, why any of these views should be different.

I focus on two areas in particular within Marketing when it comes to my mentoring work. Positioning and Content Marketing are both critical. The former because all strategy flows from this, the latter to engage and sustain.


  • Product / market fit – see thought piece on this to get an idea on thinking and approach: What business are you in?
  • Jobs to be done
  • Identity and Branding

Content Marketing

  • Intelligent
  • Useful
  • Entertaining
  • Planned
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