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You’ve just invested in an enterprise technology platform.

You’re a leader struggling to:

😕 Make sense of first steps and the vendor’s disparate resources.
🚀 Figure out platform use and delivering value quickly.
📈 Engage key stakeholders in the journey for long term success.

A solution is being tested to address these challenges. Watch the video, read more about the concept below and take the poll to let us know what you think.

The best way to achieve success with technology adoption is to take your users on a journey that you can control and steer them towards outcomes you want them to achieve.

  • Plan activities that will support end user adoption on their journey. 
  • Track the impact these have on usage and business outcomes. 
  • Take follow-up actions to solve issues and amplify successes.


Responses are 100% anonymous.

Add a comment below with feedback / questions or contact us by email if you would be open to discussing further on a call. The solution being built could be made to support any technology platform. Your responses will be used to get an indication of product/market fit and are hugely appreciated. Please share this page.

The more responses we get that this concept is understood and needed, the more that justifies progressing. NOTE: You can choose multiple poll responses, i.e. just one or two, or all three – three indicates the highest justification.

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