The business of culture change in the tech industry

I had interesting chats with customers and colleagues recently that I wanted to capture and share. The context was enterprise collaboration technology but I also wanted to expand a little on the increasing business of technology’s influence on culture more broadly and vice versa. It probably raised more questions than answers.

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As a Service trend research – customer solutions

This is a topic I will be covering as a chapter in my As a Service trend report. It’s not entirely dissimilar to one of the other chapter topics I will be covering and have written about here: As a Service trend research – products to services.

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Pay attention, learn and love – a #blm statement

I want to say something. It seems that to stay silent makes one complicit. And yet…

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Microsoft Teams in 5 – collaboration at the core

What to focus on to make the best of Microsoft Teams

I’m often asked what Microsoft Teams functions I focus on. With so many options, it’s not so easy to answer. I tried in 5 slides and under 5 minutes. These are some of the things I think will make you a super collaborator.

Wise words – morning inspiration

There are certain days which seem to cry out to be filled – mornings that plead for action – the atmosphere vibrant with expectancy and high, heroic challenge, and this was such a morning.

From Mr Pye by Mervyn Peake – Filed under Literature/Poetry/Prose

Video Vibes – Slo Mo

This video and the music 👉 bliss 🌅 Everything seems so much better when it’s slowed down …

As a Service trend research – products to services

One of the chapters I am covering in a trend report I am working on (As a Service Trend) will explain how even tangible products can be open to “servicification” and purchased or subscribed to. For example, razors for personal grooming, cars for transport, fork lifts for logistics, etc.

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The reinvention of normal at work

There are key activities and those leading them at the heart of the changes happening at work as a result of the pandemic. Some are quick to adopt them and others not. Then there are those that will unfortunately not survive. Activities focus on events, remote work and learning.

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Video Vibes – Patterns

Mesmerising music in this video but it’s the patterns and movement that I really like.

Wise words – glittering end to the weekend

Life [exists] only because of a myriad of synchronicities that bring us to this particular place at this particular moment. In return for such a gift, the only sane response is to glitter in reply.

Robin Wall Kimmerer – filed under inspiration/death

The innovation train and how best to lubricate the collaboration tracks

It has been almost 20 years since the birth of the social web and maybe a little less for the enterprise which caught up later. In this brave new world, especially in the enterprise, email was to be replaced in favour of tools that were simple, social and collaborative. I’ve been in the business all this time and it seems old habits die hard.

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Wise Words I’ve collected over the years that are perfect for these challenging times if you need some solace, inspiration or just to get your mind off things.

Mood Music – Whimsical

My favourite song this month and perfect for getting creative.

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