As a Service Trend Report


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A trend watcher is an innovator that spots trends and determines if they are here to stay and whether they should be incorporated into existing strategy. This short guide is intended to give you a taste of what is in store with the As a Service trend and help you decide to follow or act on it.

The As a Service trend was started in the Software industry in what is now a largely played out transformation – the move from fixed, one off license payments to recurring subscription payments (in essence).

The guide covers three sections: (1) an overview of the trend an how it is moving into other industries; (2) a deeper dive into two industries that are impacted – automotive and retail; (3) a how to guide to get you started. Here is background on the research that went into this guide.

This guide is in PDF form and after purchasing it you will be given access to download it. The best viewing experience is on an iPhone or iPad using PDF Expert, a free App – more on how here. But any PDF reader will work and on any device.


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