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Here’s a little about what you can buy in this store. Two main product types are available – see descriptions below. Below those you will see initial offerings, more will be added over time – subscribe and you will be notified when new ones are added.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, either in product reviews or you can contact me any time. And here is some info on purchase policies before you buy.

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Quality T-Shirts you can order with delightful DanelDoodle’s. The doodles will be carefully chosen and cover two categories: Mind and Work Doodles. The former to inspire you, the latter, you and your colleagues at work (use them to send a message and create a movement).


These go a little further than simple messages on a T-shirt. Available for download (and here is the best way to read them), they will seek to educate and inspire on diverse subjects covering business trends, technology, innovation, etc. Think of them as blueprints for change.

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Showing all 12 results