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As the header above suggests, this is just the start of something I am pulling together on a few interrelated subjects which I need for work. Some working out loud, sense making in other words. Come back for updates or please add a comment with ideas.

And I am aware of the glaring omission in this exercise, that of product development led activities and the role they play. That’s a big subject for separate consideration.

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Creating customers

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Customer Success

Retaining customers

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Scaling the process


A great place to start is with a State of Marketing report. Conveniently, Salesforce has just released one (registration required). Never in greater need for innovation, marketing is reinventing itself and battling for relevance and ownership (of the customer).

Empathetic Marketing

Marketers are shifting how they source and manage customer data
and ramping up use of technologies like AI that help them make the most of personalized, empathetic engagement. 186% increase in AI adoption since 2018.

Account Based Marketing

As businesses shift from crisis triage to recovery and adaptation, marketers have a unique opportunity
to turn trusted customer relationships into business value. 92% of B2B marketers
have an ABM program (incl. B2B2C.

Customer Success

A newer kid on the block, customer success is fast becoming the custodian of customer retention and lifetime value. I work as a customer success professional and write many posts on the topic but in summary:

Post Acquisition

Typically only engaging after the sale is made, astute CSM’s however, also set the tone upfront.

Customer Health

Customer satisfaction is not new but it’s a static notion. Health is more dynamic than that.

Post awareness

More education, crafting understanding and experience with products/ services.

Time to Value

Emphasis has always been on driving impact, measuring it and doing it sooner than the renewal cycle.

Scale: From Funnel to Flywheel

Hubspot has done more than perhaps any other company I know, to perfect the scale motion.

They have also with keen intuition, mapped customer success with marketing and wrapped it up in this motion – below in brief.

Attract visitors with useful content and eliminate barriers as they try to learn about your company.

Engage by making it easy to buy and enabling buyers to deal with you on their preferred timeline and channels.

Delight by helping, supporting, and empowering customers to reach their goals again and again. 

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