Employee Customer Experience Connection

Value of Employee and Customer Experience Market Combined

$15B EE (source 1) + $8B CE (source 2). Excludes CRM market – see below.

$23 Billion

1 Peripheral EE market value


1 Avg. # employee transactions


3 Avg. # employee apps in large org


4 CRM software market value


5 Will buy again based on + service


Trend in the making?

In the making only because not enough is being doing to connect these two activities. Separately they are most definitely trends in their own right and have been for some time.

But it is when they are joined up that these two activities are at their most powerful. The activity that joins them too – see fundamentals diagram at top and article for more. That is what this trend watch is all about.

Experience Optimisation

Joining together the two activities and organisations that support them by an effective organisational strategy and process that drives experience optimisation is critical. It will ensure they don’t exist in a vacuum and opportunities between them are leveraged.

My Interest: Stephen Danelutti

I run InnerVentures which is a personal site and blog (disclosure) but I am currently working heavily in this space. I’m a Customer Success professional so have many years experience making them successful by optimising their experience and outcomes, more on that here. For many of those years I’ve worked with customers on their employee experience needs, more on that here. So this topic is pretty much in my sweet spot. Hit me up if you ever want to talk about it.

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