Tearing down organisational boundaries and expanding your mind. Getting out, experimenting with new techniques and people in creative spaces and achieving different.

Unbound is an approach and practice intended to bring creativity, openness and innovation to work outcomes. Achieving different and ultimately better results is the goal, where needed. It is about adopting new ways of working and thinking in environments outside those you normally operate with and in when those are holding you back. Sometimes it’s just about taking you out of your every day work space – that might be enough. Most often though, to really work well, you have to mix up your thinking approaches and it helps to do it with a diverse group of people. So the magic ingredients are space, people and technique. It’s not for everyone nor needed all the time. It works best when it takes you out of the ordinary and does not become the ordinary.

I try adopt this approach in the way I work with customers and team members and am using the resources section to capture the various approaches, mine and others. Broad areas I will try focusing on are as follows:

  • Running user meetups and connecting customer advocates around products and with product and customer teams.
  • Mixing startup and corporate teams and approaches to achieve accelerated innovation.
  • Hacking culture to build employee and customer brand engagement.


Below is a breakdown of various activities that represent the unbound  approach. In most cases I link to blog posts that go into detail so follow the links. I will be adding to this over time so check back for updates.

Business Value Workshops

managing-a-business-value-workshopI created this approach (click thumbnail for full diagram) a while ago and use it with great success. It’s simple and conducting it over two days is asking a lot but that is when it is most effective, splitting planning and execution work. Although focused on technology adoption and execution here, its overarching purpose is driving business value and could be applied more generally in that vein.

Innovation Hacking

Innovation process flowHackathons as a key intrapreneurial activity and route to innovation: This is a post I wrote some time ago based on work I did supporting customers with running hackathons to drive innovation efforts. There is a breakdown of the full blown approach we took over several weeks if not months – the full monty. I also describe an instant, no frills approach that you can run with teams over a few hours.

Customer meetups

ideal-meetup-venueConnecting customer advocates to drive product strategy and customer success. I’ve written a lot about ways to scale success efforts but the best is always face to face. Events like customer meetups are a perfect way to bring customers together. I’m running these in EMEA for the company I work for currently. The context is enterprise technology. This is what I’ve learned so far and I’ll update this post as I go along.

Lean Customer Success

lean-success-planningLean Startup principles can be applied to government programs, to healthcare, and to solving the world’s great problems. And now I’ve taken the approach to supporting adoption of enterprise technology platforms within organisations as part of customer success efforts.

Posts I’ve written covering the subject: