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low code application building will reach more than 65% of all app development functions by the year 2024 and with about 66% of big companies using a minimum of four low code platforms




average apps per large company

average apps per small company

Okta Businesses @ Work 2021

Business users want control, IT departments are sweating it but there are ways to manage it securely and sensibly. Most important is to focus on business outcomes - more on that in the article

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Microsoft is consistently positioned as a leader in providing low code platforms by leading analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester



Microsoft Power Platform + Teams

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Greater than the sum of the parts.

Power Apps Power Virtual Agents Power Automate Power BI + Teams as the organising and collaboration layer

Get started simply with Teams App Templates


Target users where they work, in Teams

● 50+ App templates ● Meet many common business scenarios ● Open source and free ● Customise further

The backbone of low code app development


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Scale and extend your apps and respond to changes more quickly with Azure

The Centre of Excellence Starter Kit is a collection of components and tools that are designed to help you get started with developing a strategy for adopting and supporting Microsoft Power Platform.  Also available for and in Teams.