Communicating for Impact in 2023

Communicating for Impact in 2023

An InnerVentures Story

Stephen Danelutti


3 minute read

Because communicating well in an asynchronous, increasingly remote and digital world of work is a skill of the future and it's crucial to get it right for business success.

Why bother?


You have rich options

Beyond email, you now have a myriad of options. Think about the right medium/tool for the message.

Example of Microsoft Teams options when when starting a chat message


Context is King

Don't assume understanding, especially when you are starting from out of the blue.

Enough explanation, no more

Relevance to the business

Where they fit in

Cover the following to avoid




Almost there! You are halfway through.

Get to the end for awesome resources.


Be action oriented

And before you can be clear with others, be clear yourself about what you are trying to achieve.

What do you want the outcome to be

Can you offer anything in return

What is required by the person, by when


Resources to help

What can you provide to help the person get the job or their part done, something to move them forward.

Share an example template and/or data that can be used by the person you are asking - either to complete the task or get help/decisions from others.


Art of Prompt Engineering

Not a natural communicator? With the use of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, don't let that hold you back.

Example response from ChatGPT But you can use it to get started with all kinds of communications.