An  InnerVentures Story

creativity in  adversity

creativiy is harder than ever and never more needed

Stephen Danelutti

The culprits

- Isolation - Info Overload - Pandemic Pressures - Artificial Intelligence

take  a deep  breathe

its not all  bad news

more creative ideas


45,3% of people say they are having more in 2020

inspiration is everywhere


Family & friends, nature, media, creative networks

creativity drives economy


Again number 1 most in-demand soft skill (same as 2019) - LinkedIn

Top 15 skills 2025

Future of Jobs Survey 2020, World Economic Forum.

1. Analytical thinking and innovation 2. Active learning and learning strategies 3. Complex problem-solving 4. Critical thinking and analysis 5. Creativity, originality and initiative 6. Leadership and social influence 7. Technology use, monitoring and control 8. Technology design and programming 9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility 10. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation 11. Emotional intelligence 12. Troubleshooting and user experience 13. Service orientation 14. Systems analysis and evaluation 15. Persuasion and negotiation