Headspace Review and other  Meditative Musings

An InnerVentures Story

- Meditating on and off for 10 years + - Average duration of session 20 mins - Never believed in Apps to support - Felt these were a distraction, the entire point of meditation was to avoid that - Dabbled a little before - check post below

My meditation background

Company Trial

I work at  Microsoft                  on things like Viva Insights which incorporates Headspace. As part of this we were offered a 3 month trial

Headspace in Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams

Not a huge amount of activity but considering my background/experience enough to be able to form an opinion

The Stats

Top Benefit

The courses that take you through focused exercises are solid. Also Eve's dulcet tones are a joy 😳

4 more things





In the end I do still think that practice benefits most when conducted on own steam 

Much more than just courses, e.g. music playlists are a great backdrop 

For me it was different and the novelty has renewed my purpose

There is no pushy agenda or overt gamification to annoy you - pace is your own


Meditation is not an answer for everything. It can exacerbate underlying conditions if not treated properly.  It can bring attention to problems you are not equipped to handle.  It's not a simple cure for everything, like psychological issues caused by harsh life experiences.  You should treat those separately. Professional support from a psychiatrist or psychotherapist should be considered.

After someone asked my advice

Find someone you can talk to professionally that can help you uncover and deal with things. It’s something you should gift yourself because it’s an act of self love. Even if you don’t have major issues, it's still good for you. It’s like yoga for the mind and soul. If you would pay for yoga lessons you should pay for therapy.

Pro help