How to run a Hackathon with Microsoft Teams and Power Platform

Stephen Danelutti               InnerVentures

Microsoft Teams as the collaboration front end and Power Platform as the low/no code platform for Biz Apps is the perfect combination for hackathons. Your employees are the citizen developers who's ideas you can unleash to innovate and drive new business value. You just need the right approach.

Hackathons are organised innovation events that involve as many people as you like in a concerted drive to come up with ideas and develop them in a short period of time. Think software design, development sprints and innovation culture forming, all in one.


The right plan

The right tech

The right stakeholders





to steps

The right plan

Microsoft Teams: Set up a Team for the Hackathon, private Channel for organisers.

Disc Pie Chart

Planner: Set up a Team Tab for Planner with a simple set of steps and tasks for each workstream.


Timing: Make sure you plan before and after phases, these are what will ensure a successful "during".

Numbers: Are you targeting the whole organisation or a smaller test group. Depends on your experience level.

Red Section Separator

Prizes: Swag will do for all participants but winners should get something special.


Decide which of the 4 main products will be used: Power Automate; Power Apps; PowerBI; Power Virtual Agents

Power Platform

The righ tech

Where all collaboration happens but also where Biz Apps can be developed and consumed. Use production, ringfence participants


Employee Ideas (Teams App template) or Innovation Challenge (Power App template) to manage ideas formally


Below is low/no code but for hardcore hackers, Azure is the platform



The right stakeholders

6. Organiser/s

1. Execs - one from IT, one from the business

2. Judges

3. Basic hackers - from the business

4. Advanced hackers - from IT

5. Group Leads


Communications Company Communicator (Teams App template) to engage and inspire whole company

New channel - more effective than email, simple and mobile first

This channel targets whole company to engage/inspire them 

Teams is  just for  Hack participants