I’m open to legitimate requests and exploring on a call or even over a coffee (I currently work in the locations pinned in the map below).

I do have some requirements that would have to be met (see dropdown in contact form and please explain in the text field why I should consider your request). You’ll hear back from me if appropriate.

Just to be clear about the options ✅

👨🏻‍🏫 Mentoring: I’ll engage if I think there is a fit and my focus areas are covered. Startup or established company, individual or group is all good. T&C’s open.
🗣 Speaking: I’m not necessarily the best speaker but I know stuff and am keen to engage in dialogue in small or large crowds to further learning.
💼 Consultation: This is the next level down, where we go deeper and really dig in to intractable technology or business challenges – think workshop.
📝 Writing: I write as you should be able to tell from my blog and trend reports and I’d be happy to consider guest posting on your blog, site or for any publication you have in mind.

Submit and I’ll get 📧

We could do ☕️ close by