stephen danelutti
Thanks for visiting. I’m Stephen Danelutti and this is one of my sites and the home for various pieces of work. I work with technology and I’m hugely optimistic about its impact on society, business and the individual. I’m a Dharma Hacker and meditate. This perspective brings a humanism to my work.

I’m a big fan of start-ups and start-up methodology to foster innovation so help them and implement their practices wherever I can. I mentor startups in my spare time. I reckon myself an accidental intrapreneur.

I write trend reports about things that impact on work of the future and try and explore interesting and innovative work practices. The Success Hacking section will explain a little more on that.

trend-report-cover-successteamA new trend report I am working on has its own site and blog at https://successteam.co. The essential premise I am exploring is around great customer experiences and how important this is if you want to retain them. I focus on the subscription economy but it does have broader application. I also explore how a team of customer success managers can play a key role.