DharmaHacking at its finest

Discovered this Japanese Zen Buddhist monk and live-looping artist, Yogetsu Akasaka. He live streams on YouTube. This is one of many. I could get into some seriously cool meditation to some of these tracks, this one in particular.

Video Vibes – Perpetual Motion

The title of this video/song says it all and just makes me want to move…

Video Vibes – Slo Mo

This video and the music 👉 bliss 🌅 Everything seems so much better when it’s slowed down …

Video Vibes – Patterns

Mesmerising music in this video but it’s the patterns and movement that I really like.

If music be the food of work play on

I’ve produced some of my best creative work with the right music. It’s often accompanied by coffee, in a coffee shop. But the crucial ingredient is music. Here is a playlist I put together with some of my faves. Chill background music that get my creative juices fired up and don’t distract. Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.

All great movements begin underground

A tribute to hip hop and jazz. Music by Crazy P, 3 Play it Cool. Pictures from Unsplash.

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