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What is InnerVentures? Who runs this site? What content will I find here? All valid questions. Below are some answers in brief, more when you follow the links. Need a human, contact me.


The strap line in the site header says a lot: Adventures Inside Organisations and of the MindMore in this welcome message and the adventures page.


This site explores many topics mainly through blog posts (see post sidebar for topics) yet also the technology, format and design behind them. It’s 👑 after all.


If content is king, you are the kingmaker. I often write to sensemake for my own benefit, but I also write hoping to connect with the curious, bold, adventurous soul.

about me

Passionately exploring digital and startup innovation, the Future of work and DharmaHacking

I run this site. You can find out a little more about me professionally and otherwise by going to my LinkedIn and other social profiles below. Otherwise this page is a guide to what this site is about.

Stephen Danelutti

Moi in the Wild

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What Some Say

No arms were twisted in the acquisition of these testimonials 😬

Thanks for the amazing job coaching our customer success program. It has been enlightening experience. The structure you provided for customer success allows us to follow-up with our customers more efficiently and keeps our customers more engaged with the platform.

Co-Founder & CTO Co-Scale (now New Relic)

Frederick Ryckbosch

Stephen is an effective and straight-to-the-point guy and a great asset to any startup. Stephen helped us out with our enterprise sales and onboarding strategy. It was great to see how a few quick coffee meetings with Stephen resulted in actionable advice based on his experience with corporates and startups.

Founder & CEO at TIQ

Nick Schils

Stephen has been a terrific mentor to me as I developed the Culturevist platform. From helping me focus through simplicity and removing things, to advising on subscription model and pricing, positioning, messaging and design. I really appreciated his input and efforts.

Founder of Culturevist

Matthew Partovi

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This is a personal blog and website. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and do not reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organisation, employer or company, especially the one I currently work for, Microsoft. All opinions and information from others referred to in what you read will be clearly attributed.