Stephen DaneluttiThanks for visiting. I’m Stephen Danelutti and this is home to various pieces of work and passions.

I work with technology and I’m hugely optimistic about its impact on society, business and the individual. I’m a Dharma Hacker and Success Hacker. And I love to write and doodle.

I’m also an innovation junkie and a big fan of start-ups and start-up methodology to foster innovation so help them and implement their practices wherever I can. I mentor startups in my spare time – you can find an overview of that here: Mentoring. Its not just about startups, I reckon myself an accidental intrapreneur and the experience helps me bring startup innovation to large organisations. I mentor individuals as well.

I write trend reports about things that impact on work of the future and try and explore interesting and innovative work practices.

This site has blog posts and projects that reflect all of the work I have done to date worth recording and sharing (in my view). It also captures random musings on all topics described above.

For any more insights its best to try and engage directly with me – hit me up via my contact page.

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