Having run one, worked in several and through mentoring startups, I’m uniquely positioned to help organisations take the best approaches to innovating like them.

Hackathons have typically been the preserve of startups but large organisations are adopting them now too. It is quality rather than quantity that matters in innovation, but without quantity, you might not get to quality. Innovation Hacking is the lean and agile way to get to the few from the many.

In line with my Success Hacking approach, I see Hackathons as a key intrapreneurial activity and route to innovation. This is a post I wrote some time ago based on work I did supporting customers with running hackathons to drive innovation efforts. There is a breakdown of the full blown approach we took over several weeks if not months – the full monty. I also describe an instant, no frills approach that you can run with teams over a few hours. This all borrows from practices that startups have popularised.

Below is a summary video I created to explain the approach.

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