As a Service

I’ve written two trend reports before this one, both available only on iBooks. I chose iBooks because my intended audience were most likely to have the devices that can access them. This time for my third, I’m moving away from iBooks and I created it in PDF. The intention is the same with regard to audience ease of access but the method is slightly different. Using PDF Expert which you can download for free, gives the best experience on an iPhone and iPad, but any PDF reader will work and on any device.

Best viewing experience explained here.

Below you can either buy the report immediately or click on the image or title to get more info and other screenshots from the report. This page is part of my adventures section which captured all the kinds of things I have worked on and shipped over the years (and here are new trends I am watching – reports to follow). Below is a little more background.

The As a Service trend was started by the software industry which has now mostly been realised. Microsoft for example, has transitioned successfully into a Software as a Service (SaaS) company which I have witnessed first-hand (disclosure).

There are many components that define this trend and not all come from the software industry. But as software starts to eat the world, many are driven from there and many industries are starting to feel the effects, learn from and incorporate them.

As a customer success professional and long time participant in the SaaS space, having created and worked for several startups and now Microsoft, I’ve learned many lessons and seen this trend evolve. As it crosses the chasm to other industries, I’ve captured material and evidence in posts as I go. This together with my direct experience has gone into the writing of this report. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

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