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How to view the guides developed on this site – PDF

I’ve just completed a new trend report and I am making it available for purchase and download as a PDF. I wanted to explain why and how best to consume it. I did cover the why on both the page where you can buy it and where I provided some background but here is a little more and a demo.

The video demo should be fairly self explanatory, I just clicked through the few screens needed to show you. But I added some annotations to help as well.

The key things to note are that I created the report using Canva in a layout specifically suited to viewing in portrait mode on your phone. Before starting, I had discovered PDF Expert as the best way I could find to view it that way, especially if I wanted readers to scroll through the pages horizontally as I believe is optimal.

For me this is definitely the best way to read something on a mobile phone, where most people spend their leisure time. My first two trend reports are iBooks created using iBooks Author (which has now been discontinued by Apple) specifically targeting iPhone and iPad users. I wanted to stick to this approach but not be restricted by tools and a platform outside of my control. Using Canva and PDF has been remarkably easy and I think it works well – let me know in a comment if you think otherwise, I’d really appreciate the feedback. I’m pretty committed to this mobile first viewing approach and you can see a similar style in my stories.

NOTE: PDF Expert is only available for iPhone or iPad.

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