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Experience and Subscriptions

Customer Success Managers are the workhorses of the experience and subscription economy.

Born in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector not that many years ago, customer success has become an indispensable function in small and large technology organisations that target mostly enterprise customers.

Getting to success is part art and science. The latter relies heavily on data – usage data and how it can be tracked and grown. Good methodology comes into it too. Success can be quantified through customers (or users) of a technology platform, using a platform and deriving value from it.

Usage is the currency of the customer success manager who in turn is the custodian of success.

Customer success management can be practised and perfected over time. Many activities can and should be automated but ultimately it is the skill and passion of the people delivering the service that makes the difference (the art).

I am writing a new trend report / eBook on the subject and have written a post that outlines the thinking and chapters: Customer experience, the subscription economy and 10 ways success teams will make you win

The approach is very much in sync with this success hacking approach I wrote about.

Below in the SlideShare deck is some of the early thinking that started all my efforts on the new trend report / eBook.

Since I’ve been in the customer success business since at least 2012 working in startups and large organisations, I also mentor around the practice. If you follow that link you will find the approach I take to scale maturity in customer success teams.

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