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Could blogging get a new lease of life with generative AI tools

I’ve been blogging on and off for the last 20 years and have seen its fortunes come and go. All kinds of things have been thrown at it, none more powerful than social media with its short form. Longer form pieces though, as long as well written, still endure and add value. Now with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, it feels like we are in the cusp of something potentially dangerous or new.

Either blogging will die or become better.

I am working on incorporating it into my writing with mixed success so far – see posts below.

How I use and view it

I instinctively feel like it’s more useful to help me make sense of things and as a research tool than as an aid to my writing.

I want my writing to be genuine, based on my own, ever improving skills – so my human voice and style stays its own. This would be where the point of difference is if everything starts to become machine generated.

I do feel like the creative process is something that needs encouragement. It can be anything from calm mediation, changing your surroundings and why not from some machine intelligence inspired prompts.

But, I also use my writing to be a means for me to sense make. It’s a way to order my thoughts and help build a narrative in my head. I don’t think that is easily outsourced. I would lose the benefit of writing if I did. Or so I feel.

Let’s ask ChatGPT: Explain how generative AI can make blogging more successful?

Generative AI can make blogging more successful by assisting with tasks such as content creation and optimization. For example, a generative AI model can be trained on a dataset of existing blog posts and can then generate new posts on similar topics. This can save bloggers time and allow them to create more content in less time. Additionally, a generative AI model can also be used to optimize existing content for SEO, by analyzing the text and suggesting changes that will make it more likely to appear at the top of search engine results. Additionally, AI models can also be used for personalization by analyzing the audience and recommending the type of content that will be more appealing to them.

Good answer, well written 😬

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