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Proposed outline for interviews

This is some high level thinking on the types of interviewees being sought and questions that would be asked. The purpose is to gather feedback from practitioners that can be used in the trend report – more here. This is a work in progress and will change based on feedback (comments welcome :) and progress on actual interviews.

Target interviewees and example initiatives being explored

  • People running initiatives inside large organisations that focus on driving innovation or have an expressed and strategic interest in innovation (like senior executives)
  • People in startups that have experience working with large organisations to help them drive innovation or deliver new products and services.
  • People that have created and launched new products or services or been responsible for delivering them inside large organisations. This could include people from startups that were acquired and successfully assimilated into the organisation.
  • Initiatives could be standalone units inside large organisations that work with employees and outside suppliers or individuals (ideally startups) to drive innovation and new product or service creation and delivery
  • Initiatives could be regular events and activities intended to stimulate innovation and/or new product/service creation and delivery
  • Initiatives could be strategic programs to help reorient the organisational culture to be more innovative and intrapreneurial

Themes being explored and question examples

  1. Please describe briefly your role and its context in terms of the industry and purpose of your organisation
  2. What is your view about innovation and the role the entrepreneur plays in this?
  3. Can you describe in detail what work you do and outcomes you drive?
  4. Can you explain the methods and approaches you adopt that work and you would recommend to others?
  5. What do you think the future holds for innovation, both from an individual and organisational perspective and in the context of entrepreneurship

Other interview considerations

  • Target interview duration is 20 minutes or responses can be gathered by questionnaire, email or other means
  • Responses will be used in the book and will be quoted by person/organisation – is it okay to use the responses verbatim or is approval required beforehand?


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