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After 17 Harvard case studies, Haier starts a fresh spin cycle

Great article on which may be behind a paywall for you so I have copied and pasted two pertinent quotes on some really interesting initiatives/approaches the CEO is driving in his company. This is really taking intrapreneurial activity to another level…

In its home country, the group is re­inventing itself again as a set of open “entrepreneurial platforms”, serving — and served by — hundreds of “micro­enterprises”. Not only will these micro-enterprises compete to design, build and distribute products Haier users say they want, but they will also be able to vie with one another for staff and for capital, from Haier and from outside investors. Haier is, in Prof Fischer’s words, “de-Haierising”.

The chief executive says he now devotes himself to “ensuring our organisation is open to outside resources”. Haier itself, while still providing some central services such as accounting, finance and human-resources support, will ultimately turn into a shareholder in a network of micro-enterprises, he says, owning both majority and minority stakes. In theory, it will look more like a venture-capital incubator for growing businesses than a multi­national manufacturer.


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