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Round up of latest #innerventures trends

In this post I’m changing the format slightly by tagging the title with a different hashtag (which was partly for Twitter but had other purposes too). Instead of intrapreneurtrends that I used before, its now the new name of this site, its URL, the new hashtag I’m tracking on Twitter (see sidebar) and my new book/trend report which I’m about to publish – more on that soon. This is also the last of the research tags I’ll be using on this site that tagged all the new articles and reports I found to include in the book and started with this post.

Here are the more prominent, recent articles below – these and others have all been included in the trend report. Once the trend report is published I’ll  keep tracking new articles and the like differently. For anyone interested, I curate content first on Flipboard in the INNERVENTURES magazine there which has a slightly broader set of articles – you can subscribe to the magazine if interested.


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