Below is a screenshot of the app when you land and that is all you see until you get given access. To get access you have to get through a queue. I’ve explained what you need to do to get bumped up the queue. Simple.



  1. Great post Stephen 😉 … we’re super excited to see how many people are sharing and talking about Mondo. You wanted to know a bit more- every time a referred friend fills in their email address on our homepage (check it out –, the original user gets ‘bumped up’ the waiting list by 4000 places. Lots of people end up getting their cards within a few days this way…

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    1. Many thanks Bailey, really appreciate the added insight and pointers. Looking forward to making the most of my unique link and getting bumped up the queue :) Mondo are doing an awesome job – keep up the great work – how banking services should be and you have been really helpful here and on Twitter.

      mondo tweets


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