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Pay attention, learn and love – a #blm statement

I want to say something. It seems that to stay silent makes one complicit. And yet…

It’s easier said than done, especially for someone that has not “walked a mile in someone else’s shoes”. I have never experienced racial discrimination. I am safe in my white privilege. I will never know what it feels like. And yet…

Better to light a candle than [stay silent and] curse the darkness.

Mass protest is not my thing. Speaking without real experience wont really do either.

Listening and understanding help even though I know what is right, instinctively, ethically, morally. But social conditioning is a powerful thing and it’s influence on self needs constant surveillance, assessment, awareness. And yet…

I can light a candle with intellect and love and pass the flame on to light other candles.

Love is a powerful force – everything it touches turns to love. I can start with those close to me, with those I touch every day.

Pay attention, learn and be the change through love. Acting with loving kindness, doing it from person to person, the small becomes the big.

If I could speak with any authority I would do it as Cornel West did.

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