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Sense Making from the web

This post is an aggregation of recent posts that I have collected over at Flipboard on my magazine there. I’ve automated the collection of these posts around specific topics and intend to share the best here in this blog from time to time. Here is the latest batch and I have been using Feedzy, an RSS Aggregator Plugin for the job but this post is a test run. I am pretty discerning in my selection of what gets added to the magazine, I hope you agree.

UPDATE (13.7.22): After testing the RSS Aggregator plugin mentioned above, I discovered a shortcoming that I wanted to mention here. The feed below is not from a specific date or fixed in time as I had hoped, the items will be constantly refreshed as I add to my Flipboard magazine which is where the RSS feed comes from as mentioned. A conversation with the plugin provider about this and explaining more can be found here. So I continue my search for the ideal solution…

Update (16.7.22): I found a new solution 🙌 You’ll see from the conversation I mentioned above with the plugin developer that I did not want to make use of multiple plugins to achieve what I wanted. So I have stopped using Feedzy altogether, much as I liked it. Instead, I have used Power Automate to achieve my goals – see this post for details of how. The below feed is just a screenshot taken at the time of deactivation since deactivating the plugin would otherwise show a blank section.

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