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When all about is a sea of artificially intelligent content

I started out this post with the intention of exploring AI assisted writing and images on WordPress – a test run of some new functionality that has just been released. But then it turned into a set piece, a critique even, on writing in the age of AI. Since I both write and am a technophile enthused about recent advances (see posts under the AI tag), I felt naturally drawn to this new topic. I broke it down under the three headings below (deep linked).

Let’s play then get serious

AI-assisted writing and images on WordPress are quickly becoming popular for businesses, organizations, and individuals looking to get their message across. This is especially true when it comes to small-scale entrepreneurs or bloggers who want to create content quickly and efficiently.

What makes AI-assisted writing and images on WordPress so attractive for businesses and bloggers is that it allows them to develop content quickly and easily. By utilizing tools like AI-enabled writing and image editing, people can generate content with minimal effort. AI-enabled writing tools use natural language processing to generate content quickly and accurately, while AI-assisted image editing tools can help people edit their images without needing additional software.

AI-assisted writing and images on WordPress also provide a more efficient way to generate content. By using AI-powered tools, businesses and bloggers can create numerous pieces of content quickly, with little to no effort. This process of generating content cuts down on time and resources, enabling people to focus on other important aspects of their business.

In conclusion, AI-assisted writing and images on WordPress are quickly becoming essential tools for businesses and organizations looking to generate content quickly and efficiently.

All of the above text was generated by AI through a new experimental block from WordPress called AI Paragraph (there is also AI Image that will let you create new images based on the text prompt). The text strikethrough is mine because those parts are redundant (repetitive). Other than that, I didn’t even have to provide a prompt – it was generated based on my original post heading which I came up with initially – in bold in the first paragraph. So pretty efficient and effective and what I would expect.

A writer working at a desk with a robot sitting alongside offering help
A writer working at a desk with a robot sitting alongside offering help

Here is an image generated by the AI Image block.

I left the prompt as a caption.

This was the best of three options and I am pretty happy with it.

It saved me time having to create or find an appropriate image to add to my post.

So again, another nifty function that seems to work pretty well.

You can find out more about this capability on this post and you can provide feedback to the developers there.

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

In short no. For two reasons:

Its just a tool. I couldn’t put it better than Sam Altman who is behind OpenAI and ChatGPT in this tweet below (read the conversation on Twitter for the full picture). And even when it gets better, it will still just be a tool, one who’s worth depends on the use or misuse you put it to.

Human input will become unique and valuable. I guarantee that a point of differentiation will soon become what is not machine created. Those who are the true voices out there, talking from their hearts, curating with intelligence and artfully, with taste, will be those that stand out. When all about us is a sea of machine generated content, what will stand out is the true.

Yes you should still do it

Because innovation and change. Because you have to explore the new and become familiar with it and take the best from it and discard the worst. I love the interplay between human and machine, if used intelligently and artfully it can become huge. It in the right combination it does work.

I’m not stopping any time soon but I am going to be cautious about how I advance and moderate and balance my approach.

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