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SenseMaking from the Web

This post is an aggregation of recent articles that I have collected over at Flipboard on my magazine there. It captures great sense making from others, in other words, great articles from other sites I thought worth capturing and sharing. Curating good articles is a discerning process and I’ve automated the delivery of it in WordPress using a Power Automate Flow to achieve this – more on that here.

How Leaders Will Use AI to Unleash Creativity

Posted on April 27. ELISE HU: On today’s show, John Maeda. John Maeda is a Vice President of Design and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, and in his richly varied …

Digital transformation as a service is poised to drive enterprise growth

Posted on April 25. Organizations are partnering with tech providers to build end-to-end solutions, encompassing strategic planning, systems implementation, and …

Can ActivityPub save the internet?

Posted on April 21. The tech industry is abuzz about a new standard for social networking that is more open, more user-centric, and potentially more powerful than Twitter and Facebook. But we’ve been here before. The hottest new thing in social isn’t vertical video, and it’s not AI-driven algorithmic feeds. Instead, …

7 examples of product-led growth in mobile apps

Posted on April 19. How the top 1% of apps grow through PLG (Duolingo, Bumble & more) Whilst Product-Led Growth (PLG for short) is a hot ’n’ trendy topic right now, …

The Rebirth of Software as a Service

Posted on April 18. Traditional sales models focus on customer acquisition and the “funnel” or “pipeline” metrics that dominate talk about sales. But this approach falls short when applied to a recurring revenue business, where the customer life cycle looks more like a bowtie, not a funnel: In a subscription model, …

How Generative AI Could Disrupt Creative Work

Posted on April 15. In the face of technological change, creativity is often held up as a uniquely human quality, less vulnerable to the forces of technological disruption and critical for the future. Today however, generative AI applications such as ChatGPT and Midjourney are threatening to upend this special status …

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