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Improbable possibilities and the joy of existence – a mindhack

Need some perspective or inspiration? Can’t see the wood for the trees? Life grinding you down with its minutiae and machinations? Zoom out a second – to the solar system, our galaxy, the universe. Take your pick but any will do. The vastness of space can have a calming and reassuring effect. It’s when you realise how vast it is and you contrast your place in it that the joy of existence can shine its light.

Nothing makes the point better than a DanelDoodle so I created one for the occasion.

Getting this kind of perspective gives you pause to think about our chances of even being here – nicely explained here.

Ponder on these odds a little: 1 in 10 2 685 000 chances of existing. Those are infinitesimally small odds that you are here and alive, breathing and having the opportunity to enjoy all of the beautiful things life has to offer.

When you consider the sheer improbability of your existence, then the madness may recede just a little and your glorious, glittering presence and being may come into focus.

The way to see how beautiful life is and ignore its maddening eccentricities as well as atrocities, is to see it from the vantage point of space.

When we zoom out, we gain distance and perspective. We see everyday activities as minute-level detail and finite in their effect and impact. They will not last as the universe has for billions of years past and hence.

When we appreciate the vastness and emptiness of space and the fact that we are here considering such low odds, the only sane reaction is to glitter in response ‚ú®

At least this mindhack works for me and maybe it does for you too.

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