Round up of latest #innerventures trends

innerventures-vennI’m tracking these updates with the #innerventuresupdate tag – you can find all of them by following the link. They all tie in with and add to the findings from my trend report which covers startup driven innovation in large corporates, corporate venturing efforts and the role of the intrapreneur. You can buy the report from iBooks or add a comment (which requires an email that no one will see) and I can provide a voucher for a FREE COPY :)


When corporate/startup innovation programs fail

A great article describing the closure of Coca-Cola’s Founders startup incubator over on TechCrunch. It details some of the challenges with this approach that I thought were worth sharing here. I especially love the quoted thought below:

You need a translator to help them understand what’s going on. That’s why a lot of platforms inside big companies fail and you have to take the time.

This could apply equally to my role as a customer success manager I thought and with the launch of new platforms and the challenges with this which I wrote about here: Launch like a boss – bringing consumer startup practice to your enterprise technology platform


The state of startup / corporate collaboration 2016


Cracking report from Imaginatik and MassChallenge. Its available to download from either site if you can find the page (registration required) but I’ve added the the-state-of-startupcorporate-collaboration-2016 (pdf). Key findings below:


While most startup/corporate interactions used to begin at the negotiation table, corporations and startups increasingly recognize the benefits of earlier interactions. Corporations said that 67% now prefer working with startups at earlier stages, mainly “to explore new technologies and business models”.


At an overwhelming 82%, corporations now view interactions with startups as “somewhat important” to “very important”, and 23% indicated that these interactions were “mission critical”. Innovation efforts, it seems, are no longer just nice-to-have programs within corporations.


While 86% of large organizations view innovation as crucial to their future, most of their current attempts to work with startups to further that objective are early stage, underfunded, and scattershot—such that 25% of corporations aren’t even sure how much they’re spending.


Startups and corporations agree that “strategic fit” is by far the primary criterion for working together, but the way they interpret the term diverges significantly. Thus, a lost-in-translation problem sometimes persists, despite the best of intentions. This is exacerbated by remaining cultural issues within corporations: many are still struggling to re-organize themselves to enable productive interactions. Conversely, startups are persistent, but remain frustrated at the number of hoops to jump through.


Startups are seeing corporations in a variety of roles—no longer are they cast solely as either “competitors” or “potential acquirers”. As the startup culture matures, founders are realizing that corporations have a lot of wisdom, experience, and resources to be leveraged, and that perhaps working with, rather than against them, could be the smarter way to go. Also, in a post-Uber and Airbnb world, startups realize that the power is not only with large corporations, and that leads them to be more selective with whom they choose to work. In fact working with corporations is shaping up to be a startup’s most powerful growth hack.


I found this interesting website/activity on my travels. It’s an up to date database of Corporate Accelerators being run by company’s around the world.

Ties in nicely with findings from my trend report which you can buy from iBooks or add a comment and I can provide a voucher for a FREE COPY :)



Round up of latest #innerventures trends

Lots going on recently so this is a big update with an excellent selection of articles and activities.

You can see other updates like this by checking out posts with the #innerventuresupdate tag as well as the original posts I curated under the #research tag which I then used in the InnerVentures trend report that you can find here: Trend Reports

The slide in Mary Meeker’s 2016 internet trends report that shows incumbents’ interest in startup innovation

Here it is below. Admittedly it is somewhat narrowly focused on acquisitions of tech companies as a means to extend their digital capabilities. Still, a strong indicator from a very powerful voice. The commentary below the slide came from the article where I first read about her latest report and I cannot be sure of the source but think it was TechCrunch.

Ties in nicely with the kinds of trends I was picking up in my my trend report which you can buy from iBooks or add a comment and I can provide a voucher for a FREE COPY :)



Round up of latest #innerventures trends

Couple of new things happening in the world of startup driven innovation since my last post, at least new things I’ve found – some articles/announcements are from a while ago. Here they are:


Round up of latest #innerventures trends

As always there lots going on and the last few weeks have brought some interesting new announcements and great stories from the trenches. 


How old banks are learning from a new breed of tech start-ups

I gave this (i.e. the Fintech scene) special coverage in a separate section of my trend report.

Banks around the world are realising that in the rapidly developing world of smartphones and apps they are at risk of falling behind in the innovation race. Fresh-faced financial technology start-ups (fintechs) are coming up with new mobile-first services – payments, loans, money transfers, digital currencies – and threatening to steal customers, particularly younger ones.

This is why many old banks have been flirting with younger models in an effort to stay hip. But are such apparently mismatched relationships doomed to failure?

From the BBC website.

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