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Features that delight – delayed receipt and sending of messages

I love some of the options we are given to skip receiving something or delay sending something. The benefits are many, chief amongst them that you have the time to address the message properly at a later stage. This works in both instances, i.e. you snooze the message to a time when you can address it or you delay sending it in case something comes up to change it before sending.

Microsoft Teams

You can now schedule messages for later right from within Microsoft Teams

The screenshot at left tells you pretty much all you need to know in terms of how to do it. This only works in Chat messages (not Channel messages).

As tempting as it is to be immediate with your messages in Teams due to the on-demand nature of the communication, it is useful to schedule messages to later. Especially when the person you are messaging is in a different time zone.


In Outlook you have both options (to snooze a message and schedule it for later).

These screenshots are from Oulook Web App which is what I use. I don’t imagine it will be very different in the Outlook client.

As you can see, snoozing can be done on some predetermined time basis, or you can select a custom date and time. So too with scheduling messages and you access this function by clicking the down arrow in the send button.

Of course these functions are not unique to Microsoft technologies. I just make more use of these and so I’m showcasing them here. You will find these functions in most email technologies and probably also in collaborative or messaging technologies. The key is they are simple to use once you find them and surprisingly delightful in their value.

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