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Poll of Life – where do you stand

There’s nothing worse than going through difficult times and we sure are going through one of those at the moment. It’s bad no doubt about it and could still get worse. I’m referring to the war in Ukraine of course, the economy, the cost of living crisis, the layoffs, take your pick. And this is not even considering the suffering many people experience in their regular lives, through despots and dictators, climate crises, famine, etc.

I don’t want to denigrate any of the suffering anyone might be going through due to any of the above. This also refers to anyone with a serious mental or any kind of illness, terminal or otherwise.

My point in this post and with the DanelDoodle however, is that despite these terrible circumstances, oftentimes even in the best of circumstances, there are still two types of people in the world.

At least types with two different perspectives on life, regardless of their circumstances.

There are the people busy with living and those busy with dying.

The first kind are always positive, live in the moment, strive to grow and learn. They are concerned only with living their best lives (for themselves and those around them) and know that good times and bad times are just different sides of the same tossed coin. And they know that everything passes with time, good or bad, and don’t hold onto either.

The other kind are always negative, moaning, never happy with anything and don’t want to change or accommodate any alternative that doesn’t fit their selfish, self-centred world view. Nothing is ever good enough for them, even the great things and they are often either bemoaning the past or fearful for the future. They scurry to their graves without basking in the glory of life.

I know where I stand, where does your vote go?

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