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Thoughts on thought rockets

As the featured image suggests, this is a thought rocket, some sensemaking on the fly – essentially some quick thoughts on a recent development, announcement, etc.

Thought rockets are especially useful when you have limited time.

In this context they are useful in channelling your thoughts and getting to the core of what you are doing or trying to say fast and effectively. I especially enjoy it while writing.

Sometimes you should subject yourself to this pressure even when you don’t have limited time.

I’m a proponent of the Blink school of thought, i.e. the power of thinking without thinking.

Others may choose to call it Flow.

Being in the flow is when you are focused on some action or outcome but not over thinking it. You are present, in the moment and the task and just getting on with it.

This takes away extraneous considerations and input.

You don’t worry about being perfect, and you certainly don’t have the time to be – that’s what time pressure adds.

Another way to view it is as actionless or effortless action – as with the concept of Wu Wei.

Give it a whirl, your productivity and creativity will benefit.

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