Adventures inside organisations and of the mind – a manifesto

I’ve been thinking it’s high time to put something like this together. I mean I have a welcome message that attempts to orient readers and sense make the purpose behind this site and its activities: Welcome to the adventures. I’ve also put a DanelDoodle together: InnerVentures in a doodle. This manifesto goes a little deeper. It’s mostly for me, a kind of reorientation if you will as to why I’m doing what I do on this site. I’ve captured it in a PDF. I had loads of fun designing it which was kind of the point too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it 💪💓

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This was more fun (to doodle) than anything else. But there is some data to back the ideas up, or at least sources I used to make my points. More than anything though, these 5 ideas are deep rooted feelings I have based on reading and experience over time. Anyway, here are some of my sources.

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I care deeply about the woman and children in my life and feel like I and all men need to make an extra effort for them. Of course some men are in the same position but to a far lesser degree – more often than not they are the perpetrators. Off the back of the recent celebration of International Woman’s day and a pandemic that has been particularly harsh for domestic abuse victims, comes this amazing #SignalForHelp campaign created by the Women’s Funding Network. Children of course are also among the more vulnerable. I decided a DanelDoodle was in order to help spread the knowledge and love 💑

The Ever Given ship blocking things up on the Suez Canal has been such a funny affair that has captivated the world and given rise to numerous memes. Okay for some it’s not been so funny. Anyway, here is my take in a DanelDoodle.

I’ve taken a short break from work and as you do when you have time, I’ve been thinking. For one, about this site, it’s activities and it’s purpose. I thought I would try and capture it in this doodle (DanelDoodle actually), which is in itself a function of many aspects of this site and my activities. This is a good representation for now and this post contains all the categories I write about for that reason. A good baseline for future progression and supplement to my welcome post.

Time Magazine have truly excelled with this recent cover which features a data doodle par excellence. Love the visual representation as a backdrop to the data – powerful 💪

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