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When life and the Bots beat down – Art

We are going through trying times – economically, politically, environmentally, etc. While these times should pass, at least in some areas, the pace of technological change likely wont. If anything, it will speed up. A case in point, recent announcements in AI which I am writing about. As much as I am a technophile, it can all be overwhelming. Time to read this post: 2 minutes

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.

Stella Adler

The quote above is what I mean with the title of this post.

My antidote when the going gets tough is Art – or rather my DanelDoodles which I sell via the Shop.

Although I sell my art, the point is not really to make money from my art – I doubt very much I am that skilful. A part of the reason for selling my art is to work with the eCommerce functions on this site and develop my skills in this area while doing something fun.

If I manage to generate a revenue stream on the side, so much the better and more interesting.

But back to the point, of how art can be an antidote to crushing circumstances and a pace of change that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Also when some of that change can seem be stealing our unique human abilities as some forms of AI are, it’s nice to know of and get benefit from something as inspiring as art – to reconnect with our soul as it were. Art is good for you but don’t just take my word for it: What Art Does for Your Brain | Greater Good (berkeley.edu)

So with all of above being said, I am going to double down on my art and continue to sell it but there are some major changes ahead which I have decided to document in this post – in case you are a customer interested in how it works or it can help you if you have similar ideas.

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