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It is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the internet and the mobile phone. It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care and communicate with each other. Bill Gates, on AI from his Blog

It is fitting that Bill Gates, one of the original founders of Microsoft, has these views on the advent of AI technologies. He makes these prognostications on the back of recent announcements in AI and especially I guess, considering his background, on Microsoft’s involvement with OpenAI and recent product launches incorporating it.

Bill Gates helped transform Microsoft more than once, I wrote about this in the one post below, including around how Microsoft is now innovating with AI. And in the other post I started writing about some of the new technology launches by Microsoft that incorporate AI.

I’ve now decided to make this page the beginning of a trend report. I intend to track how Microsoft (disclosure) and others more broadly are incorporating AI to transform the future of work. I am writing about this in posts with the AI tag as well and they will, alongside the content from this page, eventually become a trend report. Main sections are below (note list item is deep linked).

  1. Whats with HumAIn?
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Latest posts with the AI tag

Microsoft 365 customer questions – OpenAI strategy and roadmap

NOTE Because of the fast moving nature of this topic, I have now started a trend watching page which will eventually become a trend report – more here. What a whirlwind couple of weeks and months. Since OpenAI and ChatGPT landed properly in the context of its relationship with Microsoft, I and I am sure…

Dinosaurs can dance – the Microsoft story

As I approach 10 years at Microsoft (disclosure), I can honestly say that when I started here, I didn’t think I would be here that long. Granted it was not an uninterrupted 10 years. I left in 2016 for two years. But the fact I returned is a testament to Microsoft’s transformation. And that is…

Whats with HumAIn?

Its not just a play on words. It is about the synchronicity that I think will be crucial to make AI work for humans. Microsoft’s inspired choice of branding with the term Co-Pilot is a case in point.

AI, for it to be truly useful, needs to work in concert with humans and be designed so that it is responsible and respectful of human rights.

This will also be a major thrust behind this trend report so I call it out specifically.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to cover major new announcements by companies innovating in this space and at some point, what I perceive to be the big questions being asked. Come back from time to time since this page will be updated until it goes into the trend report. It’s a little Microsoft heavy but that’s because I have a front row seat. Click on each title to expand and show answers.

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