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Unlocking Potential

I’d like to think this is one of my superhero skills. Maybe it’s because of the mentoring work I do. I am often trying to figure out, with the individuals in the company’s I mentor, or simply the individuals I meet, how to unlock their potential. A lot of the time they are young people, my children or those of my friends, or those at schools where I sometimes go to talk. I am often trying with my own self. So even if it isn’t, this post and DanelDoodle can serve as my call to action for it to become so. Maybe it works for others too.

Potential is often related to enthusiasm and I’m a natural born enthusiast so that may be one of the reasons I’m so enthusiastic about potential.

But honestly, I do think you have to have some kind of enthusiastic streak about you, if not in general, then at least for the area in which you are trying to unlock potential. This goes for yourself or for others you are trying to help.

You could probably succeed through sheer determination or doggedness. But your odds of success are exponentially increased the more enthusiastic you are about what you are doing and how you can get the best of yourself or others while doing it and getting better at it.

It is through my enthusiasm that I often inspire myself and others, so I am told, to attempt something that they thought might not be possible. Or to try harder to unlock the potential necessary to overcome a blocker or challenge in achieving something.

In this last point I am reminded of the famous Winston Churchil quote:

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

Sir Winston Churchill

So, whether you are doing it for yourself or for others, be enthusiastic about it. But the key point is to unlock potential.

Tap into the boundless in yourself and everyone, not to succeed at everything necessarily because that’s impossible and unnecessary, but never to succumb to the dumb inertia caused by doubt.

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