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What hope, the individual, drowning in a deluge of content?

I’ve been blogging on and off since at least 2005 in various forms or another, on many different platforms. This one is now 5 years old 🥳 (cue celebratory badge). The death knell for blogging has been tolled many times since. Social media and always on access through mobile phones have led to massive proliferation and consumption of content. Most is crap.

As an individual, to own your own piece of the internet with a digital home that can house and promote your personal brand and for you to share and catalogue quality, deep thoughts and expertise has never been more relevant.

I believe it will still play a significant role for a long time to come. I continue to strive to stand out and play a role in this evolving space.

My current home is based on WordPress which goes from strength to strength and almost 40% of websites are based on it these days.

It has evolved significantly and the new Gutenberg editor has enabled amazing content creation – here’s my new About page using some cool new block templates from GutenbergHub.

On a small aside, the about page is probably one of the most important pages of your site by the way, which is why I spent a significant amount of time creating it.

The web stories using Google’s AMP technology in a plugin for WordPress is equally cool – see all my stories here.

So, its onwards and upwards, long live blogging 🚀

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