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Anatomy of clever marketing – Nespresso gets personal and location based

I received a newsletter in my inbox from Nespresso a week ago and I was so impressed I thought it worth sharing. Take a look at the screenshot below accompanied by a few brief comments.

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This was clever, even delightful, on several levels:

  1. Simple. How many marketing newsletters do you get that are long, boring and don’t get to the point quick enough? This one was everything but.
  2. Personal. I don’t mean I was addressed personally and this point is arguably only made possible because of the next one, but still, the fact they got my location was personal. And I didn’t feel creeped out as you might think – again see next point.
  3. Location based. No complexity in how they achieved this, they have my address because they deliver to me frequently. They just used it in a clever way.
  4. Action oriented. The call to action (the button) was nothing ground breaking. They didn’t even necessarily want me to buy anything (see next two points). They did get me to click and I even tried one of the recipes out. I’ll go back there for more as well and ultimately it will influence me in how and in what quantity I buy.
  5. Emotional. The weather was terrible on the Friday I received that email. And the prospects for the weekend were even worse – storms and rain were forecast. The Saturday was also the first day of my vacation. All in all, a depressing outlook. The message immediately made me forget that because of the positive upsides it presented. I actually ended up with my spirits feeling lifted at the prospects of staying in and enjoying my coffee rituals throughout the day that had now been boosted by my newfound knowledge.
  6. Outcomes based. The outcomes as I say were not immediate and nor particularly profitable for the company in the short term. But as mentioned in my last point, I was left feeling positive and that is priceless in my view. I think this kind of marketing is what contributes to lifetime value and if companies consistently communicate in this way over time, there is no end to the commitment and loyalty customers will give as a result.

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