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SenseMaking from the Web

This post is an aggregation of recent articles that I have collected over at Flipboard on my magazine there. It captures great sense making from others, in other words, great articles from other sites I thought worth capturing and sharing. Curating good articles is a discerning process and I’ve automated the delivery of it in WordPress using a Power Automate Flow to achieve this – more on that here.

How “Corporate Explorers” Are Disrupting Big Companies From the Inside

Posted on August 25. A unique breed of entrepreneurs is creating innovative ventures — without launching startups or chasing VC funding.

Meeting fatigue is an IT problem. Here’s how async can help

Posted on August 22. The role that meetings (especially virtual ones) play in undermining employee engagement is well-documented. They frustrate us, bore us, and …

The remote work revolution is already reshaping America

Posted on August 22. The coronavirus pandemic set in motion a shift to remote and hybrid work that is quietly reshaping American economics and demographics. While the fine women and men at U.S. statistical agencies are still grappling with how to measure this astonishing transformation, a host of academics and other …

How Co-Working Spaces Lead to More Innovation for Tech Startups

Posted on August 21. For tech startups wondering where to locate their new companies, here’s one suggestion: Set up shop near another tech startup, preferably one that isn’t in the same business. In a working paper, researchers from Harvard University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute …

Identifying Unmet Needs in a Digital Age

Posted on August 18. Innovation is all about finding and filling people’s unmet needs. But even innovators and organizations renowned for their scanning capabilities often have trouble perceiving and correctly interpreting those needs. Drawing on their work as researchers, teachers, and consultants, the authors outline …

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