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SenseMaking from the Web

This post is an aggregation of recent articles that I have collected over at Flipboard on my magazine there. It captures great sense making from others, in other words, great articles from other sites I thought worth capturing and sharing. Curating good articles is a discerning process and I’ve automated the delivery of it in WordPress using a Power Automate Flow to achieve this – more on that here.

Growth hacking is really just growth testing

Posted on October 10. Who knew that “growth hacking,” a term coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, the first marketer at Dropbox, would become so commonplace in 2022? Considering the fact that growth marketing wasn’t even a formal function at startups 12 years ago, I think it’s okay to say that we couldn’t have predicted how …

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Around the Globe and Early-Stage Company Growth Dynamics

Posted on October 10. The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Stanford University, Ernst & Young and Endeavor, surveyed over 1,000 entrepreneurs from around the …

Is innovation training the key to transforming your organization?

Posted on October 9. Innovation training encourages the kind of creativity and problem solving that can lead to breakthroughs in business. Innovation training helps …

Curiosity, Not Coding: 6 Skills Leaders Need in the Digital Age

Posted on October 9. This is the third and final article of the “Leading in the Digital Era” series. Read parts one and two. Leaders who set out to reshape their companies …

There Is No Such Thing as an Original Idea, or Why You Should Copy and Not Worry

Posted on October 9. Artists enjoy calling their work “original.” For good reason too, as artists, we want to stand out and send an authentic message to the world. But, …

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