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SenseMaking from the Web

This post is an aggregation of recent articles that I have collected over at Flipboard on my magazine there. It captures great sense making from others, in other words, great articles from other sites I thought worth capturing and sharing. Curating good articles is a discerning process and I’ve automated the delivery of it in WordPress using a Power Automate Flow to achieve this – more on that here.

Employee Success Drives Customer Success: Turning To Your Employees First

Posted on April 12. Wayne McCulloch is Chief Customer Officer at WalkMe, leading all post-sales functions, including customer success, service and support. Philosophers, poets and psychologists have long offered the intuitive wisdom that personal success, with relationships or otherwise, starts by taking honest stock of …

Old-fashioned management is failing to reverse the productivity slump. It’s time to ‘grownupify’ work

Posted on April 11. Recent headlines have the world of work wondering what’s next: Productivity is slumping, the labor force participation rate continues to shrink, and …

Engaged Employees Create Better Customer Experiences

Posted on April 6. It’s time for leaders to double down on the idea that the employee experience (EX) is now the key driver of the customer experience (CX) and find smarter, strategic ways of connecting the two. According to PwC, companies that invest in and deliver superior experiences to both consumers and employees …

A Truncated Lifestyle

Posted on April 3. Every part of our current existence is designed to speed things up. Truncated means a shortened version of something. We are not talking life …

When buyers don’t need sellers what does AI bring

Posted on April 1. Buyers are typically two-thirds of the way through a purchase journey before even engaging a seller. That’s because they’re doing a lot of research …

How Generative AI Will Change Sales

Posted on April 1. Sales teams have typically not been early adopters of technology, but generative AI may be an exception to that. Sales work typically requires administrative work, routine interactions with clients, and management attention to tasks such as forecasting. AI can help do these tasks more quickly, …

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