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5 ideas who’s time has come

This was more fun (to doodle) than anything else. But there is some data to back the ideas up, or at least sources I used to make my points. More than anything though, these 5 ideas are deep rooted feelings I have based on reading and experience over time. Anyway, here are some of my sources.

Remote Work

There are so many contradictory views in this space and data is being bent to suit different arguments. I liked this even handed study from Great Place to Work: Remote Work Productivity Study Finds Surprising Reality: 2-Year Analysis.

Services over product

My As a Service trend watching page highlights this as one of the key elements of the trend and there is more besides: As a Service Trend. And more and more recently, I’ve noted, consultancies are reorienting customers around services capabilities – good example from PWC: Five steps to grow your business by remodeling service functions.

Experimental Innovation

Online experiments can be a game changer when it comes to marketing and innovation. By running some 25,000 tests a year, for instance, Booking.com has transformed itself from a small start-up to the world’s largest accommodation platform. Today scaling up an organization’s experimentation capabilities is critical, but many firms struggle to do it—not because of technology but because of culture.” That comes from this article on HBR and says it all on this idea but there is much much more on this: Building a Culture of Experimentation.

Employee/Customer Connection

Here is another trend that I am watching from this page with a lot of info and onward links: Employee Customer Experience Connection.

Creators Rule

I follow Kaya Yurieff, a journalist from The Information who is covering this beat (the Creator Economy) in a newsletter which you can sign up to here. There is also this: The State of the Creator Economy (2021) | Definition, Growth & Market Size.

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